What makes hemp such a sustainable crop?

Guest post by Keilah Kaiser

Unique characteristics of hemp

Since the early 1700s, hemp has built a strong name for itself as a sustainable crop and textile resource. Yet a lot of people are confused about this industrial plant and its relationship to marijuana. Because of this confusion, negative stereotypes are commonly associated with the hemp plant, striking fear in the public.

But there's a clear distinction between the two. It's imperative to note the benefits the hemp plant brings. And it starts by taking a close look at the structure of the seed and the stalk of the plant.


A sturdy plant that can be used in many eco-friendly products

Beginning with the nut, it’s an excellent resource for hemp seed oils and hemp milk. You can find them within many skin care and food products. The exterior husk of the plant is perfect for crafting nutrition and health products as well—it’s found in gluten-free flour and protein powder. You also have the stalk of the hemp plant: it’s mainly used to create rope and netting, thanks to its useful fibers. And then there’s the core, which is widely used to build animal bedding, stucco, and other construction materials.

What makes hemp such a sustainable crop?

Hemp is also significant for products in the cosmetic and beauty niches. From skin care products to nutritional supplements, hemp functions as a plant-based protein source for vegans and vegetarians. Additionally, the hemp seeds in the plant fight blood clots and break down cholesterol.


One of the most beautiful parts about growing hemp is its eco-friendly nature. The hemp plant needs less space and water as compared to most crops. It’s also incredibly sturdy and can withstand a variety of weather conditions that marijuana cannot tolerate. Farmers benefit because they can grow food crops right after a hemp harvest without waiting for a fallow period. Most important is its ability to grow without the use of harsh pesticides and chemicals to protect it against herbivores and weeds. Hemp is naturally weed suppressant and pest resistant.


These benefits just scratch the surface of what hemp is and what it can do. Learn more about the hemp plant by checking out this quality hemp guide on its benefits as well as the infographic below for more information.

infographic by Marijuana Doctors

What is hemp used for

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