Eco-Friendly Parking Tips

Guest post by Ian Todd


“Was this trip really necessary?” Motorists during World War II heard this phrase often because they were encouraged to avoid any unnecessary car trips. This was part of a larger concerted effort to prevent wasting precious resources in support of the war effort. Today, that phrase takes on new relevance. More people are aware of the effect they have on the environment throughout their everyday lives — especially when it comes to their driving habits. Although many people have taken steps such as buying hybrid or electric vehicles, there are some other, more surprising ways to reduce the emissions we contribute to the air. One of the most significant may be changing the way we park.

Many of us might not think about parking as contributing to our ecological footprint. Yet something as simple as circling the block looking for a space close to your destination adds a small amount of emissions into the atmosphere. Multiplied by the number of other drivers doing exactly the same thing all day, this can add up to a lot of pollution. Pulling into the first available spot you find could mean you’ll have to walk a bit farther, but it can help make the air in your community a little easier to breathe.

 Your trip may be necessary, but your parking might not be. What seems convenient for you could be damaging the ecosystem. For some eco-friendly tips to keep in mind the next time you run errands, take a look at the accompanying checklist.

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Ian Todd is Director of Automated Parking Systems for Westfalia, a York, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer. Todd has more than 15 years of experience in automated parking systems in both Europe and the Americas, where he has held roles in product development, project management, marketing, and business development and sales.