Set for Your Spring Clean? These 50 Marie Kondo Quotes Will Help Motivate You

Guest post by Natalie Atterbury


Have you KonMari’d any of your home or belongings yet? By now, you may have heard about Marie Kondo and her famous decluttering and tidying methods. Whether you’ve heard of her from her “Magic of Tidying Up” book, her very own (and very addictive) series on Netflix, or maybe you really haven’t ever heard of her before, this is one woman on a mission to make a difference with tidying and to change people’s perspective on clutter. Marie Kondo is an organising consultant and her “KonMari” method is to simplify and organise the home – just a quick warning though, her idea of clutter is probably far from your own idea of clutter.

I’m sure you can agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than spring cleaning your home after a long winter – having a clean and tidy home works wonders for both your physical and mental health. So there really is no time like the present to assess your home, your lifestyle, the belongings you treasure the most and to see how you can improve on any of those aspects to make your home a happier home.

Kondo really is making a name for herself, and her methods are a phenomenon across the globe. In a nutshell, the idea is to first assess everything you own and then to carefully discard anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” After that, it’s then crucial to find a designated home for every last thing you own. As Marie notes, “clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong.” Although her methods are quite drastic and you’re going to need quite a bit of time to dedicate towards this project, Kondo’s methods certainly seem to work and will hopefully set some really good habits you and your family can implement and then continue to follow over time.

The below infographic, designed by JD Williams, outlines 50 Marie Kondo quotes from her book to help inspire you for your very own declutter. Ready to try it out for yourself? Just remember that you’re going to need plenty of time, and get the whole family involved for best results.

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Natalie Atterbury writes on behalf of JD Williams, part of the N Brown Group, creating a range of visual and written content for online purposes. With a background in copywriting and SEO, Natalie is currently located in Manchester, UK.

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