Go Green without Going Broke and upcoming events

Go Green without Going Broke and upcoming events

After an unexpectedly long hiatus from blogging, the Green and Prosperous blog is lining up some engaging topics that relate to the book I've been researching and writing to bring to you, dear readers, Go Green without Going Broke, vol. 1. This is the second book in the series of Green Guidebooks (#greenguidebook), after The Little Guidebook for Green Moms & Dads. 

I am so tired of saying that the book is "coming out soon", but REALLY, it is coming out in about a week. I'm finally down to making the last edits, writing the front matter, and creating copy to help publicize the book.

I just got the cover back from the book cover designer and it looks fabulous! I was so excited I couldn't wait to share it with you!

Read on for more information about all the good things coming down the pike at Green and Prosperous...

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