Go Green without Going Broke: 

Tools and Tips for Greening your Life on a Budget

vol. 1: food and nutrition


Go Green without Going Broke is FINALLY out (Yay!!!) This second book in my #greenguidebook series can help fast-track you to a health(ier), greener lifestyle while saving (and earning) you money in the process. Below you'll find the link to purchase the book in digital or print format on Amazon.com.

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Purchase the book on Amazon.com

This first volume of Go Green without Going Broke focuses on food and nutrition in general, and changes in how people have come to see food, farming, and fishing in particular. Among other things, it looks at the global explosion of interest in small-scale agriculture, organics, and sustainability as they relate to the growing, processing, raising, and distribution of food around the world. 

This book is not just about what’s out there, however. It’s also about how you can personally benefit from the growing global interest in healthier, more satisfying, sustainable living. We are alive at a time when knowledge about greener living and the options for moving in that direction -- organic food, eating local, sustainable fishing, and urban gardening – are greater than at any other point in history. Retailers are making it easier for you to take that step, and more people are interested improving their health, stamina, and quality of life in the long-term.

As more people around the world are suffering from chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, it's increasingly important to know how to implement easy, simple, and budget-friendly steps to a greener, cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Going Green shouldn't be hard, and it shouldn't only be for the affluent, urban, or well-educated.

This book will help you start your journey to wellness and good health, and will give you tips to improve the efforts you're already making, Why not give it a try?



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