Go Green without Going Broke and upcoming events

After an unexpectedly long hiatus from blogging, the Green and Prosperous blog is lining up some engaging topics that relate to the book I've been researching and writing to bring to you, dear readers, Go Green without Going Broke, vol. 1. This is the second book in the series of Green Guidebooks (#greenguidebook), after The Little Guidebook for Green Moms & Dads. 

I am so tired of saying that the book is "coming out soon", but REALLY, it is coming out in about a week. I'm finally down to making the last edits, writing the front matter, and creating copy to help publicize the book.

I just got the cover back from the book cover designer and it looks fabulous! I was so excited I couldn't wait to share it with you!

I have also been connecting and building partnerships with wonderful, creative, hardworking, savvy environmental activists, farmers, chefs, writers, builders, and creative people. Some of them have agreed to offer items for 2 big giveaways I'm planning late next month and in November (in plenty of time for the Christmas holidays). Unlike many other giveaways, though, this one will have multiple items included in each giveaway! 

To keep up with the news on the launch of Go Green without Going Broke, and to be eligible for a members-only giveaway in November featuring 10 (!) items, sign up for the mailing list by clicking the "Subscribe" link below. (You'll also have first dibs on a free copy of the ebook by doing so.)

There are many good things coming down the pike, and I want to thank you for sticking with Green and Prosperous. Your support has kept me going through some very challenging times that made me want to just give up on G&P and stick to my day job in academia (a job that I love, by the way).

I'll be blogging more about these good things, and sharing as much information as I can about all that I am learning from my partners. One of the ways I am sharing this information is through guest blogging on the websites of people and organizations whose work I look up to and admire.

Take a look at the post that follows this one to read what I've written on the website of one of my new partners, Seth Leitman, aka the "Green Living Guy." Seth is a green living guide, clean energy-guru, electric vehicle expert, celebrity, and editor of the McGraw-Hill TAB Green Guru Guides. He's an author ( Build Your own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), reporter, writer, and sought-after environmental consultant on green living. He's also a dynamic, energetic, and all-around great guy! You'll hear more about Seth's work in future posts, and in volume 2 of Go Green without Going Broke, but you can learn more about what he's up to these days by visiting his website, https://greenlivingguy.com.

And as always, 

"Live Green, Live Clean, Live Abundantly!"