I’m Kelly Pemberton, Ph.D., a mother of a 13-year old boy (and future soccer star/wildlife expert) and 6-year old girl (and future electronics guru, literary genius, even bigger soccer star, and gymnast - I've gotta work on her lack of ambition). I’m also a professor of religion (Islam) and women’s studies at the George Washington University, blogger, and advocate for green living. You can view my faculty page at the university here. Sometimes I do consulting and expert witness work for businesses and law firms, which you can find out more about on my personal website, www.kellypemberton.comFinally, I am an “active advocate” for green living, with a focus on reducing our exposure to toxic chemicals and thereby living healthier, greener lives.

I wouldn't be the woman I am today if it wasn't for my mom, Dee Dee Kenniebrew, who has been an advocate of healthy living since she was a teenager. If you see her in action on stage with her band, The Crystals, you'll see what decades of healthy living looks like - most people can't believe she's still going so strong after more than 55 years on the road!

The work I do at Green and Prosperous would be a lot more difficult without the help of my assistant, Mackenzie Bell. 


I started Green and Prosperous after writing The Little Guidebook for Green Moms and Dads, which is about the ways that exposure to toxic chemicals in the products we use every day hurts children’s growing bodies. Building a website seemed like a good way to help spread the word about how we are all exposed, on a daily basis, to harmful chemicals on an unprecedented level in history. This exposure can at least partly explain the explosion of allergies and disorders of the endocrine and nervous systems, like ADHD, autism, and infertility, and the prevalence of many cancers, in the past couple of decades. The presence of these toxins can also cause damage to the environment, some of it irreparable. I thought that the better informed people became, the more effective they could be in taking action – even with very simple steps – to reduce their families’ exposure to these toxic chemicals. The best thing about this venture is that it has enabled me to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.

My friends have been generous in sharing their knowledge about toxic chemicals and their tips for green living. Take a look at the list of non-toxic (and low-cost) alternatives to commercial cleaning and personal care products. Have your own tips? Please let me know by dropping me an email using the email icon or the link on the Contact Me page (type “tips” in the subject line). Want to know how to get involved in the push for safer, more responsible use of chemicals? You’ll want to visit the websites of the advocacy groups listed under the Consumer Guides menu item.

While I will sometimes endorse a person, product, company, organization, or institution (and may even earn a small commission for products you purchase using the links on this website), I will never recommend anything or anyone I do not genuinely believe in. I also will never endorse products I have not tried and liked myself.

I will also share as much information as I can about healthy living, reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals, new legislation about harmful chemicals, and related topics. Some of this information will be shared through my blog. If you want a little more information, including free reports, tools, exclusive articles, excerpts from my upcoming e-books, and special discounts and promotions on my e-books, then you should sign up for my mailing list, which you can do by clicking the pink button on the homepage or signing up on the "Free Resources Page".


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“Live Green, Live Clean, Live Abundantly”