Wind farms to power global cities?

Guest post by Ava Green

wind farms to power global cities

Over the last few years, there has been a huge rise in people opting for more eco-friendly ways to power their home. However, it’s not always down to individuals to ensure their homes are greener, which is why governments around the world are also looking into ways of providing renewable energy to homes and businesses. One of these ways is wind power.

What is wind power?

You may have actually seen wind turbines out in the fields, but how do they work? The air flow of wind turns the turbines, which then provides mechanic power to turn electric generators. It’s a clean, renewable source of energy that has been gaining a lot more traction in recent years.

More recently, offshore wind farms have become more popular as they don’t take up valuable land and require fewer resources. Plus, the wind power from across the ocean is far stronger than on land.


Powering cities

While there may have been a rise in wind farms around the world, we’re not yet at the point where entire cities can be powered by wind alone. However, it has been predicted that by 2040, a third of all power will come from wind and solar. RS Components have put together a clever guide to show how many offshore wind turbines it would take to power cities from across the globe, with London needing 1,569 and Tokyo needing a whopping 10,310.

 It’s comforting to think that researchers believe a third of all power will come from renewable energy such as wind and solar by 2040. We obviously still have quite a long way to go, but it seems as though we’re moving in the right direction.

 What does the guide say about your city? How many wind turbines are needed to power where you live? Take a look and let me know in the comments.

wind turbines to power global cities
wind turbines to power global cities
wind turbines to power global cities
wind turbines to power global cities
wind turbines to power global cities

 Ava Green is an eco-warrior with a passion for renewable energy. She lives in a nearly 100% eco-friendly home in Yorkshire, U.K., with her husband and three dogs.


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wind farms power major global cities