Types of Air Plants for Your Home

Guest post by Alexandria Heinz

Air plants are the latest trend in decor, but what are they? If you’ve ever been curious about these tiny, green succulent-like plants, you’ve come to the right place! Air plants, also known by their scientific name Tillandsias, are easily identifiable by their small structure and lack of roots. Similar to most plants, air plants do need a combination of air and water to survive, but unlike most plants, they don’t require soil to grow.

Epiphytes (plants that don’t need soil to grow) can absorb nutrients through their leaves rather than roots. This makes them a popular choice in home decor. They do need to be watered about once a week, but this is done by misting them, which leaves less of a mess in the home.

In their natural state, air plants are found on trees and shrubs. They are common in the warm climates of the southern United States, Central America, and South America. Many of these tropical plants produce a bright neon flower. To help you become familiar with air plants, we’ll show you 5 distinctive types that are unique in shape and color.

types of air plants

The Tillandsia maxima thrive in the heat. It originates from Oaxaca, Mexico and changes from green to coral to purple throughout its lifetime.

types of air plants

The Tillandsia cyanea is also referred to as the pink quill plant due to its unique flower. This air plant still absorbs nutrients through its leaves, but can also grow in soil.

types of air plants

Tillandsia aeranthos thrives in direct sunlight and produces beautiful pink and blue flowers. These popular house and office plants can grow to be 9 inches tall.

types of air plants

Tillandsia capitata is native to South America and is known for its peach coloring. With enough humidity and sunlight, the peach color will turn to purple flower blooms.

types of air plants

The Tillandsia funckiana is unique in shape. It grows quills that all spike out in the same direction and easily adapts its share to fit the environment.

Now that you’ve seen some distinct air plants, browse through FTD’s air plants for your home inspiration to find the best fit for your home decor.

how to decorate with air plants

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