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Nowadays, people are more aware of the impact their purchasing decisions can have on the environment. In order to reduce their ecological footprint and negative impact on the natural world, a growing number of consumers have decided to buy products that will do less harm to the environment. They avoid buying bottled water, use their own grocery bags and choose eco-friendly products as much as possible.

Today, various products can have an “eco-friendly” or “green” inscription on their packages, but sometimes these statements can be false. So if you want to be sure that you are buying a product that is produced with a more controlled, less detrimental impact on nature, you should look for eco-labels on its packaging.

Eco-labels are certificates that mean that higher standards of environmental protection are upheld during all stages of the product's life cycle. Eco-labels are often mixed up with environmental labels, but they are actually a subgroup of environmental labels.

If company wants to put an eco-label on the product, it needs to first get certification. Although participation in the eco-labeling scheme is voluntary, the certification is granted by a third, independent party. That means that the company doesn’t have any influence on the third party’s decision-making process and can get an eco-label certificate only if meets the established standards.

Many companies are seeking eco-labels these days. In so doing, they raise awareness about the environmental impact of products that consumers are purchasing and at the same time, they improve a business’s reputation and brand image. Eco-labels also make products more noticeable in the marketplace; thus, consumers can easily spot them and differentiate them from other products and brands.

These labels are important for both companies and consumers. They can do wonders for a company's brand and provide consumers with crucial information they need to make more conscientious purchasing decisions. Eco-labels let consumers know which products are safe for use, and enable them to make greener purchasing choices.

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