How to Turn your Car into an Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Guest post by Adam Fuller

Air pollution is one of the major factors that affects the spread of global warming. Certain inventions can help lessen the effect of harmful gases into our atmosphere, and one prominent innovation that has been contributing positively to reducing the burden on our the ecosystem is an eco-friendly vehicle. Over the years, and after consulting numerous studies about the best solutions for reducing harmful vehicle emissions, car manufacturers have offered one of the most effective ways to reduce vehicles’ hazardous impacts to the environment: manufacture and sell more hybrid and electric cars. While it is arguably one of the best solutions to reducing vehicle emissions, it is an undeniably expensive option, and thus ultimately not for everyone.

Even if you can’t afford to purchase a hybrid or electric car, there are things you can do to help reduce the impact of harmful emissions from your current vehicle.

The good thing about turning your car into an eco-friendly vehicle is you don’t need the latest technology. To make your vehicle more green, consider implementing some or all of these easy options:

  1. Fill under-inflated tires – Did you know that your car tires’ air pressure can contribute to reducing your vehicle’s negative impact on the Earth? Studies find that under-inflated tires don’t roll as efficiently as fully inflated ones, making the engine work harder just to get them moving.
  2. Remove the extra weight – It is best to unload unnecessary equipment or things inside your car that gives extra weight because this causes your vehicle to move slower and release so much smoke that could harm the environment and cause different diseases on people.
  3. Use air conditioning less often – It may be hard to resist at first, especially in tropical countries but this saves up the energy of your vehicle. What can you do is to invest in car interior that can make your vehicle less warm, and that could save up the energy of your vehicle.
  4. Fill up the right way – It may not be obvious but the way you put fuel in your car makes a difference. Too much refilling can make it completely useless for your engine since it is too worked up and too much heat can ruin the entire engine itself.

While the future holds out the possibility of more affordable inventions coming to market that can reduce vehicle pollution in the environment, consumers should also keep in mind that there are steps they can take today to make their vehicles more eco-friendly. To learn more about the different tips on how to turn your car green, please check the infographic below, created by

 How to Turn Your Car Into an Eco-Friendly Vehicle


Adam Fuller has served as Operations Manager for Global Tint for 7 years. He has previously worked in Australia, Norway and Belgium for various prestigious car tinting companies.