Must-Have Apps for Nature Lovers (Infographic)

Guest post by Jarrimber Furniture & Cabinetry

Having an interest in nature does not automatically exclude you from being enthusiastic about technology, and vice versa. While some nature lovers might decry the modern ubiquity of smartphones and mobile devices, there’s no reason why people who enjoy nature cannot use technology to supplement that interest.

This was recognized by Jarrimber in an infographic detailing some of the best mobile apps for nature enthusiasts. It includes apps for finding out all kinds of interesting facts about natural life such as butterflies, birds and plants. If walking is your thing, there’s an app that provides information about nearby trails and allows you to upload your own images of any trails that you explore. For people who like astronomy, there are apps that include oceans of information about stars, planet and constellations, plus a time lapse feature that enables you to view past and future star patterns.

Check out the infographic below for the full list of must-have apps for anyone with an interest in exploring the natural world.

Jarrimber_must-have-apps-for-nature-lovers-Infographic (1).jpg

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