Trees and the Environment: Why Our Life Depends on Them

Guest post and infographic by Eamon Fennelly, Capitol Garden Services (Dublin, Ireland)

We all know that trees play an important role in our lives – we in fact owe our lives to trees. Did you know that one tree produces enough oxygen to keep a family of four alive for 1 year? It really is incredible what they can do.

Research has even shown that hospital patients who have a view of trees spend 8% fewer days in hospital. This may be linked with the fact that trees help us to relax, lower heart rates and reduce stress.

Remember that when you cut down a tree, you’re cutting down something that can potentially live for thousands of years. The Old Trikko tree in Sweden recently celebrated its 9,558th birthday and many trees live very long lives and produce an extraordinary amount of oxygen year after year.

Check out this infographic from Capital Garden Services for more information on why the lives of every single person on this planet depends on trees.