The Body Burden refers to the total amount of chemicals that are present in the body

at any given time. What's important to remember is that it is not simply exposure to any

one toxic chemical that harms the majority of people. There are different opinions

about whether a single chemical in any given personal care product has a harmful effect

on the human body or environment. Individual bodies also react differently when they

are exposed to any given chemical. The most worrisome aspect of exposure to toxic

(or potentially toxic) chemicals is that our bodies are being constantly exposed, all day,

every day, to a cocktail of chemicals that together have harmful effects on our bodies

and the environment. A series of posts on the Green and Prosperous blog will discuss

the body burden, its impact on human health in the short term and over time, and what

steps you can take to reduce your body burden.


Body burden testing, or biomonitoring testing, is expensive and cost-prohibitive for

most people. Many would also argue that they are of little value unless there is an

acute problem, you are experiencing, or have multiple chemical sensitivities that are

interfering with your ability to function and live normally. Still, more people are

interested in learning about their exposure to harmful chemicals. The Oakland, CA

publication "Inside Bay Area" offers an online test called "What's in You: On-line Body

Burden Assessment" that you can take by clicking the link below: