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 The Body Burden

The Body Burden refers to the total amount of chemicals that are present in the body at any given time. What's important to remember is that it is not simply exposure to any one toxic chemical that harms the majority of people. There are different opinions about whether a single chemical in any given personal care product has a harmful effect on the human body or environment...[MORE]


Campaigns and Calls to Action

Find out more about the advocacy groups out there that are working hard to protect and public the environment. [MORE]

Kids' Corner

Our first kids' post is here! This article was written by Oliver Wolf, a sixth grader from Cambridge Friends School in Cambridge, MA. Oliver has been actively engaged in spreading the word to his friends and family about the dangers of toxic chemicals in the products they use. This article shares a little of what he has learned about chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and more. Keep reading...