Guest posting on Green and Prosperous

Thank you for contacting us about guest posting on the Green and Prosperous blog. Please read the guidelines below before contacting us at

General Guidelines

We are interested in guest posts from

  • Green non-profits
  • Green living/Healthy living advocates
  • Writers and authors who have written about green/healthy living, toxic chemicals, organic and/or small-scale farming, green business, renewable energy, climate change, and related topics
  • If you want us to (re) publish your infographic, you need to write an original 300-500-word introduction to go along with the image. Please don’t forget to send the embed code for your infographic.
  • Requests from writers looking for backlinks to their personal or business green living websites will be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, if your primary purpose is to get backlinks, please contact us directly about advertising. If your primary purpose is to get more publicity for your business or brand, please email us about sponsored posts.

Post Guidelines

  • Blog posts should be between 500 and 1500 words.
  • Content of blog post must be in line with the interests and orientation of Green and Prosperous (i.e. green living, healthy living, environment, or toxic chemicals).
  • Content must be original and non-spun. We will verify that your content meets these 2 criteria.
  • Your content should not be keyword-stuffed. 
  • Your information should be supported by hyperlinks and/or footnotes. Use reputable sources and avoid using highly polemical sites or Wikipedia as a source of factual information.
  • You can include up to 4 links in your post, in addition to one in your author bio at the end of the blog post. Feel free to include a hyperlink to a page or blog post on the Green & Prosperous website in the body of your post (we appreciate that!).
  • Posts should be grammatically correct, with good punctuation and style. We reserve the right to make minor editing changes and corrections.
  • You can provide your own images or let us do that. If you supply your own images, they should be copyright-free. Please provide the photo credit information, even if it is “no attribution required.”
  • Use subheadings to break up your content. We reserve the right to choose.