Sick Building Syndrome: a hidden cause of stress at your workplace?

Guest post by Toby Dean

A workplace involves a myriad of stressors, and each individual in the same office environment copes with the same stress differently. Apart from stress coming from human beings and situations, there could be unexplained health issues at the workplace that could be creating a problem in your life. This is especially likely if you have shifted to a new office building, have been transferred to a different place, or changed your job. If you have experienced sudden shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, runny nose or blocked sinuses, itchy eyes and skin, etc. as soon as you enter your office building, and if these symptoms subside on their own when you step out of the building, then you are suffering from Sick Building Syndrome. 

Sick Building Syndrome is a term coined by the World Health Organization. If you work in a building that lacks good ventilation, has an open office floor plan, or is high on humidity, there could be molds, pollens, viruses that cause allergic reactions lurking inside. These allergens may cause symptoms like the ones described above in you and few other co-workers. If you have been stressing over it and have not gotten a proper diagnosis or explanation so far, Sick Building Syndrome could be your answer. For more information regarding  Sick Building Syndrome, please go through the detailed infographic below. I hope it will help you relax a bit and enable you to take proper measures to relieve your symptoms. 

Sick Building Syndrome cause of stress at work_med.png

Toby Dean works on behalf of  Sick Building Syndrome in content creation and marketing. He creates engaging graphics and content that help businesses stand out from the crowd. Over the past 7 years, he has worked with dozens of SME's in both an agency and freelance capacity.


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