5 Reasons Why Going Green Will Futureproof Your Business

guest post by Jane Rodinson

With the environment consciously being at the forefront of people’s minds currently, going green is perhaps the most important things businesses should consider. And, with added efficiency comes extra benefits, futureproofing your business being one of them. Here’s why.

You’ll be saving a lot of money

One of the biggest benefits of going green within your business is the amount of money you’ll likely save. With little tips and tricks such as turning off lights, unplugging unused electronics and using laptops as opposed to desktops, you’ll be cutting your energy bills dramatically, as echoed by Auto Enrolment.

Introducing greener practices into your business will have a massive impact on how much you spend – and reducing your expenses is almost certain to put you in a good place for the future. You’ll have more to invest in other areas, like retirement savings, instead of wasting it on non-efficient practices.

  Photo credit: scottwills on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

  Photo credit: scottwills on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

You’ll establish yourself as forward-thinking

Establishing efficient and environmentally sound business practices and ways of working will prove to customers and competitors that you’re a forward-thinking organisation. You’ll be adapting for the future, observing where you could be greener within your business and effectively changing for the better.

By looking to the future and ensuring you’re ready to adapt as times change and consumers become more aware of the environmental and health impact of their choices, you’ll be promising a bright and successful future. It may take some predictions and initiative to consider where you can improve, but with a drive and determination you’ll push forward and surge ahead of the competition.


Your technology and processes won’t be stuck in the past

There’s nothing more undesirable than a business with archaic practices. Whether it be dated software and equipment or simply old ways of working, it’s a sign of a company that isn’t open to change and doesn’t actively seek ways to progress.

If you’ve noticed your business hasn’t done much to change in recent months or years, be the pioneer that suggests potential areas of improvement. When things are busy or successful, people are often satisfied with a steady plateau -- be the person who strives for future success. Even small changes, like participating in (genuine) e-waste recycling programs, or replacing some appliances with more energy-efficient ones, can make a big difference.

Photo credit: robpegoraro on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: robpegoraro on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

You’ll be keeping up with competitors

When the market gets fierce, you’ll certainly notice if you slip behind your competitors at any point. Going green, however, is a pivotal step in futureproofing your business and, as such, you’ll be exceeding your competitors by promising great foundations to work upon.

It’s an enviable task should you pioneer in going green and becoming an efficient business, as it makes you stand out as conscious of your impact and willing to change for the better. If your competitors are yet to do the same, it’ll pay off in terms of attention from customers.


Customers will trust you more

Should you be conscious of the environment and what you can do to help a global issue, you’re making a positive stance that’ll effectively allow your customers to trust you to always do the right thing. Being aware of the world around you as well as what needs to be done internally ensures you’re a business worth trusting.

Do you have any more reasons why going green is good for a business? Suggest them in the comments below.

Jane Rodinson is a thirty-something travel writer on a mission to see every single country in the world - on her own and with Forestry and Environmental students. She works as a freelance writer for a few travel and pro-environment websites. A traveller by nature, Jane avidly trots across the globe; along the way sharing stories, pictures and tips for anyone wanting to travel the world solo.


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